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Frenemies: White Scourge by Andster11 Frenemies: White Scourge by Andster11
Real Name: Dilara

Powers: Expert Fighter, Expert Pirate, Siren's Voice, White Ring allows Dilara to build constructs of anything she can imagine, Flight, Super-Strength and Energy Shield, Great Gymnast, Excellent Theif

Base of Operations: Global

Bio: Long ago, when pirates ruled the seas, non were more fearsome than that of the crew of Misfortune's Keep. That crew were the strongest, smartest and deadliest crew the Seven Seas had ever seen. As their captain was Nadakhan, a Djinn from another world. During his reign, he started a romantic relationship with his quartermaster, Dilara. She had a strange power, an ability to replicate a Siren's Voice, making her able to lure sailors to the Misfortune's Keep so they could plunder, rob and pillage. This allowed fear of them to grow throughout the oceans that not even navy sailors would dare go after them. Dilara was also, as far as S.T.A.R Labs knew, the oldest known case of a meta-human. One night, Misfortune's Keep was attacked by the crew of the Destiny's Bounty. A fierce battle broke out, the crew of the Bounty prevailed as Nadakhan was trapped in a teapot by the rival captain right there and then. He then used a spell from a spell book to trap the members of Misfortune's Keep crew in the Cursed Realm. They didn't do this to Dilara however as she suffered a broken heart and eventually died from it. But that wouldn't end her story there. Centuries later, a gang of space pirates whoms ship had sustained heavy damage in a heist gone wrong crash landed on Earth. Among their stolen goods was a White Lantern Power Ring which which went to look for a user. Since her corpse was nearby, the ring chose her and restored her back to life. Dilara was amazed by this strange new world after finding out how long she'd been dead for, but being a pirate, set her sights on the precious valuables of others

As of recently, sailors will tell a new story about the mysterious White Scourge. A beautiful woman in white who lures sailors and robs them of their possessions. Any attempt to find her has proven unsuccessful. The Forces of Garmadon have also suffered being plundered from her, Garmadon is impressed but the rest are angered, making her a potential ally and an enemy. But she also has a pirate's code that she will not kill, only rob, making the heroes interested in her as well. It is believed that she is looking for the teapot her love was trapped in and won't stop stealing until she finds it
ATLAS1927 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016
Love her colors! big fan of the contrast!
Mike-the-dabbler Featured By Owner May 13, 2016
Is that a White lantern symbol on her eyepatch?
Andster11 Featured By Owner May 13, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
It is. Just a little hard to draw seven lines on such a small eyepatch
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