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New Elemental Masters: Green Ninja (Marcy Crane) by Andster11 New Elemental Masters: Green Ninja (Marcy Crane) by Andster11
Real Name: Maria Carolina (Birth name), Marcy Crane (Legally changed named)

Powers: Peak Psychical Condition, Expert Fighter, Excellent Marksmanship, Gymnastics, Great Detective Skills

Base of Operations: New Ninjago

Bio: Born in Columbia to the Carolina Family, Maria Carolina was the black sheep of the family. She didn't like how her family would kill people, sell drugs and weapons and smuggle illegal goods to and from America. Although it did get her into a good school where she learned gymnastics, she didn't feel the money was earned rightfully. When she was old enough, she left home to New Ninjago, changed her name to Marcy Crane and went to the police academy. There she learned criminology, forensics and marksmanship. She graduated and started work at the NNPD. Being the bubbly, eager to please, new recruit, she wasn't able to see the corruption in the department. Her first assignment included taking a witness statement from a teenage boy who'd just seen his sister being murdered. The determination to learn who did it and nail her first ever assignment, Marcy dedicated all she could to solving the murder, but the dropping of the case, mixed with the desire to please put pressure on herself, driving her to alcoholism. When a group of Elemental vigilantes started springing up in the city, the then-commissioner Frank Devins tasked her with finding a way to infiltrate this team and arrest them. So, to do this, she made a costume similar to Green Ninja's as a way to get their attention. She followed them on many adventures, gaining a soft spot for them, especially when she learned that Green Ninja was Andy Adams, the boy she met on her first assignment. Finally seeing the corruption in the police, she quit and chose to remain in her Green Ninja persona, feeling she could do much more good as a ninja than a police officer.

Currently, Marcy, using the Green Ninja alias, patrols New Ninjago with the Masters and taking an alternate job as a gym instructor. She continues to look into the murder of Jenny Adams, making a promise to Andy. She's still trying to fight her alcoholism as best she can, even being innocently threatened to be shot in the kneecaps by Hurricane Master if she gave the fight up.
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